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Q1 Japan copper shipments fell 4.4% to 173596 tonnes

Release date: 2016-05-26 11:04:52 Visits: 953

According to the statistics of Japan Wire and Cable Manufacturers Association recently released the first quarter of this year, Japanese copper copper cumulative shipments (including exports and domestic demand, the same below) reached 173,596 tons, compared with last year''s 181,519 tonnes down 4.4%.

Q1 Japan copper shipments fell 4.4% to 173596 tonnes

March copper shipments of 61,090 tons, compared to 62,473 tons, down 2.2%; compared to February''s 58,352 tonnes MoM growth of 4.7%.

Among them, the largest electric power industry demand for copper, demand reached 23,731 tons in March, followed by the other winding wire and cable insulation, respectively 11,760 tons and 11,284 tons.

The data also show that the first quarter of this year, copper exports totaled 4,842 tonnes, down 42%.