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It is said that this is a procurement of electronic components in the spring, how do we seize the opportunity?

Release date: 2016-05-26 11:13:49 Visits: 968

According to Analysys International''s data, there are about 3 million Chinese electronics manufacturer, its market size reached 10 trillion yuan. and China has become the world''s largest IC component procurement market, in 2013 the transaction amounted to 2 trillion yuan, needs more than 3 million electronic manufacturing enterprises only to rise.

Segments from the point of view, on the one hand, the domestic electronic information industry continues to expand the scale, the traditional high-tech fields of aerospace, military, industrial automation, communications and other electronic components just need to remain strong; on the other hand, with the 4G, mobile payment, information security, automotive electronics, networking and other continuous hot, IC industry into the fast lane, consumer electronics unprecedented peak demand. On the whole, the development momentum of China''s electronic components market full!

So small and medium buyers is what? From the above data, even if a large procurement market, the huge demand for components, but the scale of procurement of large enterprises accounted for about 60% of total purchases, and the remaining 40% small businesses due to less demand for variety, often the only electronic matching market to go offline purchases. But the supply of these traders are usually very difficult to regulate, there is no guarantee reliability of supply, buyers go hard at the same time also face an opaque transaction price, technical support is not in place, purchasing a small amount of low bargaining power of many problems, small enterprises to buy electronic components gradually transfer line shows advantage of the situation.

But this dilemma did not no solution, the face of this situation, Kim launched a promise electrically remedy super buyer service, according to this procurement services, 10 million stock will quickly and automatically matched according to buyers demand, products for real-time quotes, and request a manual check the goods, with a single, principal transactions, priority response processing. Let a gold promise to build electric "online Huaqiang North" more comprehensive, allowing buyers to obtain more reasonable prices more realistic and more secure.

Jin''s electrical always uphold the promise, it is this pursuit of mutual benefit, after all, to build a more healthy and fair market for their own development and partners, we are of infinite value!