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Power Monitoring System based on RFID electronic tag technology

Release date: 2016-05-26 11:21:43 Visits: 2691

In early 2008, the unprecedented snowstorm struck most parts of southern China, grid infrastructure was severely damaged, snowstorm pressure off the high-voltage wire, electrical towers collapsed, causing the power supply is interrupted. In hard-hit Hunan power grid, for example, the province so kV3 lines (including tie-line) an outage, accounting for 3% so kV line total. Province 20kV277 line outage 34, accounting for 12% 2OkV the total number of lines; the province''s 220 kV substation (including power booster station) 1 clever seat, full stop 9, 8% of the total number of 220kV substation. After the outbreak of snow around trying to repair, but the recovery is slow, weak and exposed the obvious deficiencies of China''s power grid construction. The key problem is that the relevant departments at all levels of the monitoring of the power grid is not in place, can not grasp the timely and accurate information specifically related to power facilities.

Currently, the establishment of a comprehensive monitoring system of power is necessary. First, a need for an information carrier, the record you want to monitor power facilities related information. Current barcode technology is very mature, its application has been everywhere, barcode-based conventional packaging and logistics management contribution to mankind is very great, but with the popularity of the Internet in the world, the more the degree of automation of management higher and higher, some of the characteristics of the bar code can not meet the modern highly automated intelligent management of the Internet age, and the need for an intelligent electronic tag Instead, RFID radio frequency characteristics of wireless electronic tag can just replace the traditional barcode technology, the emergence of electronic tags will the future electricity grid monitoring system provides a new way.

1 RFID tag concept and application prospects

1.1 Concepts

Indeed RFID radio frequency electronic tags now have is not a technology, this technology has actually appeared in the 1980s, it has been used in some specific areas, such as factory automation production lines, warehouse management or the station ticket items . But such techniques become more sophisticated, and form smaller and smaller, more and more low cost, more suitable for use as a carrier of information.

RadioFerquencyldentification RFID is the abbreviation of radio frequency identification, RFID is a non-contact automatic identification technology, automatic target recognition by the RF signal, and acquires the target data.

1.2 Prospects

Power back to work after the snowstorm very difficult, especially in Jiangxi and Zhejiang, the reason for making difficult because the initial construction of power grids in order to save energy, Jiangxi and Zhejiang, the main network have chosen some of the tower in the mountains and low mountain temperatures, wind , down the tower worst. But also by the local natural geographical conditions of the damaged power tower information can not accurately grasp. and therefore we can not come up with timely post-disaster rehabilitation program, delayed repair time. The application of RFID tag identification technology power monitoring system can help solve this problem substantially.

RFID tags are adsorbed on the power tower, tower built from the first day to scrap it, like the RFID tag ID as its record all the information, including number, completion time, routine maintenance, repair procedure and frequency, in addition to tower can record the relevant geographical location and latitude and longitude coordinates, in order to build the power distribution network based GPS. Helicopter terminal with RFID reading and writing device can be asked to read status information from the air to the tower, in order to determine whether the damage to the tower, whether the rust, as well as their address details. Terminal antenna mounted on helicopters abdomen, leads to the next.

2 Feasibility Analysis

2.I RFID works

RFID tags are divided into passive tags (Pasisvetags) and active tags (Activetags) two kinds. With its own battery-powered active tag, a read / write distance while larger, higher cost compared with passive tags, active tags are also known. Passive tags obtained from the magnetic field generated by the reader work required energy, low cost and has a long service life, smaller and lighter than active tags, read range is close, also called passive tags. Active tags because of its long-range identification advantages, mainly used in the identification mark on the large, high-speed moving objects, using power tower on talking about here is an active UHF UHF RFID tag, which a band at 860MHz between 960MHz, to ensure that the helicopter can maintain normal communication with the RFID tags in the air outside the 50m.

Constituting 2.2 RFID tag identification system

A genuine RFID tag identification system shall include at least the electronic tags, readers, data processing and storage equipment and systems software.

(1) RFID tag: (Tag) for each tag has a unique electronic coding items, attached to identify the target object on the object;

(2) Reader (Raeder): read (sometimes also write) device tag information;

(3) Antenna (Antenan): RF signal transfer between tags and readers. On the one hand to provide power passive electronic tag, on the other hand it receives the information sent by the electronic tag, it can also transmit written information to the electronic tag. Also in each of the electronic label has its own micro-antenna.

RFID tag antenna and dedicated chips, the antenna is deposited on a plastic film base copper film coil on a plastic substrate is also embedded in a very small volume of the integrated circuit chip (sesame seeds now only large, but also smaller) , there is the high speed of the IC chip RF interface, control unit, EEPROM three modules. RFID tags and barcode technology (Bacrde) technology that compared to its advantages:

1) does not require a light source, or the data can be read through the outer material;

2) long life, can work in harsh environments;

3) read farther;

4) You can write and access data, write time is fast;

5) The tag can be changed dynamically;

6) can handle multiple tags;

Data 7) tag access is password protected, more secure;

8) RFID tags can be attached to objects that track the location.

Reader antenna mainly comprises a radio transceiver, data communications and the corresponding control circuit. The electronic tag includes a radio wave transmitting and receiving circuits, power source, and the data storage circuit. Data processing and storage equipment is often a PC, install the appropriate system software in general and database management software on the PC.

Construction of power facilities monitoring system 3

Practical application 3.I RFID electronic tags in the system

When the tower just completed some towers fixed property prior written on the label, for example: the completion time, tower number, etc., and can use the GPS positioning device recorded under the tower latitude and longitude information, information is also written into the tag as a fixed property. After each of the towers for maintenance staff carry handheld reader (usually embedded handheld reader module, constitute the basic principles and the same reader) written to the tag of the relevant maintenance information, including latitude and longitude position tower , current situation, problems and other information.

According to GPS-based electricity distribution network to view the distribution tower to quickly identify problems tower location. Provide an effective rehabilitation program for the repair personnel.

3.2 Related Process

Regular helicopter assigned to carry out inspection of the tower, especially in the event of a major disaster after snowstorms and other land situation is very bad, aerial surveillance is a necessary measure, the reader aircraft for identification of the tower, after obtaining specific information tower wire returns to the normal reader connected to the computer, read the label information is transferred to the computer management center for further processing. To make the information more intuitive, you can create the power grid map GPS-based map of the visual effects, power facilities and geographical information database operations on integrated management platform. After the electronic tag latitude and longitude information recorded personal computer, through a database search, displayed directly on the map towers particular location, with real photo to reach a comprehensive monitoring system.

4 need to address the problem

4.1 RFID tag standards are not uniform

Currently, there are two international authoritative research institutions RFID tag standards, it represents the RFID tag standards development. 199 is a founded and headquartered in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) AutoIDCenter (automatic In the center), and the other is ubiquitous ID Center Japan was established in March of 203 (Ubiquitous ID Center Ubiquitous ID Center) . These two centers to launch standardized specifications there are some differences. For example, in "Auto ID Center" specification, 96-bit code described in the IC tag data accommodated, and "ubiquitous ID Center" is a 128-bit code. "Auto ID Center" to investigate the use of the Internet as a precondition IC tag mechanism, and "ubiquitous ID Center" consider using the IC tag without connecting to the Internet. Currently the two centers have developed their own infrastructure. AutoIDCenter is proposed architecture consists of 96 ID is called ePC, the ID management server and retrieve information PML PML server location ONS (Object Name Server) servers. ubiquitousIDcenter will apply for the T-engine technology. Including 128-bit ID and named as E (Entity Transfer Protocol) proprietary protocols. Further comprising means for searching the IC tag and the location server address resolution server (ARS). Standards are not unified is an important factor restricting RFID can be promoted.

4.2 Communication

In practice, the metal parts of the helicopter, power tower and cables will tag and reader antennas have some interference, even shielding signal, which will directly affect the normal communication between the reader and the tag. Also higher error rate is RFID technology need to be improved. These need to further improve the program, but with the growing popularity of RFID tag, RFID technology will then step to solve these problems, this is the only way any new technology.

5 Conclusion

In the future power monitoring system, RFID tag excellent features and smart management can help people grasp the more timely preparation of all kinds of related information. Once the damaged power facilities, it will guide to make the right maintenance program, saving valuable time to repair. Thereby enhancing the capacity of the entire power grid to deal with all kinds of natural disasters, make the grid more robust.