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Power Transformer Oil - Paper Condenser Bushing Troubleshooting Experience Sharing

Release date: 2016-05-26 11:26:03 Visits: 982

In the course of the power transformer, greaseproof paper condenser bushing failure is a relatively common type of fault, and if the problem has not been solved in time, will cause harm to the normal operation of the transformer. This article will be on some of the more common types of transformer bushing failure and processing method to expand sharing of experiences, let us together look.

Common type of fault current transformer on greaseproof paper condenser bushing point of view, leading to a transformer bushing failure reasons mainly from two aspects. On the one hand is the casing of the transformer itself is flawed in design, on the other hand is in the process of installation or maintenance of the operation caused by improper. The following article will be on four common greaseproof paper condenser bushing failure approach to share their experience.

Casing oil samples failed, containing acetylene gas.

Workaround: This problem is the transformer itself is flawed in design, has been completed for the finished product, need to be overhauled and replace the parts. To prevent this problem from occurring, engineers need to advance rigorous testing of the casing can be put into operation after a variety of passing the test.

Casing seal bad, there is water or oil leakage.

Solution: This phenomenon is more common job faults, which should be replaced engineers and good quality pads remain sealed, tighten the fixing bolts, ensure greaseproof paper condenser bushing no leakage problems.

Power transformer overheating greaseproof paper condenser bushing head

Workaround: paper Capacity cause power transformer bushing head overheating occurs, the fundamental reason is the structural design of the casing itself irrational. In response to this situation, engineers can take specific measures to be adopted in time for the transition variable copper and aluminum silver copper contacts, thereby reducing oxidation. Meanwhile, greaseproof paper condenser bushing demolition, then, cited process, pay attention to check whether all parts join good contact surfaces should be polished after applying a conductive paste to reduce the contact resistance. So as to prevent its overheating.

This article is to deal with the above experience for the four transformers greaseproof paper condenser bushing common faults, carried out share, hoping to bring some help to you daily maintenance work of engineers.