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Wuxi Kin Electric Co.,Ltd.

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Integrity Services

Product List

NO.1Rigorous process design / manufacturing process standardization

  • 20 years experienced team of engineers
  • Passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification
  • Products meet UL, CE, TUV, GS, ROHS and other international standards

NO.2Strict control of the feed / manufacturing process control

  • Selection of brands in the industry suppliers to ensure the quality of raw materials
  • Perfect feed shipment inspection process
  • Perfect first-article inspection, inspection, process control means

NO.3Rapid Response / Continuous Improvement

  • We have a professional, young and dedicated team
  • For guests different needs, customized solutions tailored to your product
  • Contingency plans for the production of flexible solutions Guests need, to ensure delivery
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Wuxi Kin Electric Co.,Ltd.

Wuxi kin electric co Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery, a prosperous economy, convenient transportation Wuxi, China.
        The company mainly produces various kinds of transformers, inductors and other electronic devices, which are mainly used in telecommunications, home appliances, electric power, railway transport...


  • Wuxi Kin Electric Co.,Ltd.

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